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At Orthopaedic Surgeons of Oak Ridge, we work hard to provide the best possible experiences and outcomes for all of our patients. We understand that freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what can you can now do because of your orthopaedic care? Let us know.

Share your story

Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can... be as active as I was before! Dr. Benson at OrthoTennessee performed my rotator cuff surgery on Dec 15th. A week and a half later I got my stitches out and ditched the sling then I started physical therapy. I went five times and finished up today. I have to say my surgeon is amazing! I will be 50 this year and I plan to make it great! Dr. Benson is a rock star and I recommend him to everyone!
– Melanie Stanley
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can now walk freely without pain. I have not had such a comfort level with my knee for just over ten years. I am able to do things that I have not be able to do for over ten years.

As a German and an engineer I am very spoiled to first class outcomes. To be amazed with a service is a difficult thing to accomplish with me because I have a very high standard, when it comes to being provided a service, however, with OTOR I was truly impressed. I was told by my colleagues was that I would be in a large amount of pain, I would have a long recover time and would have to spent a considerable amount of time in therapy. However, I was able to walk freely without any devices or help after 4 days, my pain level was very small, I had only 3 therapy sessions and the repaired joint is almost identical to the healthy joint now. I am very thankful for the first class job done by Dr. MacKay.
– Norbert R.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can...water ski
– Ellen
I'm very happy with the result of my total shoulder surgery done by Dr. Benson!
– Mr. Haun