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At Orthopaedic Surgeons of Oak Ridge, we work hard to provide the best possible experiences and outcomes for all of our patients. We understand that freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what can you can now do because of your orthopaedic care? Let us know.

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can honestly say my life is much better. I have had surgery on both my shoulders as well as both my knees at OTOR. Dr. McMahon is a great doctor he is very kind and explains everything about what he’s going to do and gives you options. His staff is very friendly too.
– Anthony W.
I am a 67 year old male. Dr. Benson replaced my right hip on June 27,2018. My job requires moving around a lab, lifting and handling very sensitive things. I returned to work three (3) weeks after surgery! Thanks to Dr. Benson and the very friendly staff at Ortho Tennessee!
– Lynn R.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can...walk again. I fell and broke broke my right leg just above the ankle, and my left ankle. Dr. Benson done surgery on my ankle. My fall was 3/16/18, and by first of June. I was back on my feet. Walking again. I felt very comfortable in the hands of Dr. Benson and his team. I was well informed of what he was going to do. The next day after my surgery Dr. Benson called to see how I was doing and if I had any questions for him. It meant a lot to me that he himself made the call. You can't hardly see the scar. I would highly recommend Dr. Benson and his staff to anyone. I am having some trouble with sciatica and planning to contact his office for an appointment this week. I highly recommend him.
– Peggie R.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I my life! Dr MacKay is the BEST SURGEON AROUND! 2 left knee arthroscopies and I was still in horrible pain! Now we have moved on, after trying everything he possibly could to get me pain free, I have my total knee replacement coming this month! I am so pleased with this office, the staff, and the PT department also! I feel like family when I come here and Dr MacKay has a way of putting you at ease, not once have I been scared of what’s happening. Thank you so much Dr MacKay (and Jasmine) see you soon!
– Jennifer P.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I walk better and I feel better! Dr. MacKay is an awesome surgeon. He is so understanding and kind. He works with you and explains everything. I'm very uneasy about going to many doctors as I have a fear of something going wrong, but with Dr. MacKay I feel safe and assured I'm in good hands! I know he will do his best to fix my problem. I highly recommend Dr. McKay - he's the BEST.
– Janet G.
My first visit to a doctor to see what could be done about the pain in both of my knees was in Sept. 2003. I was told I would probably need knee replacement. I wanted to hold off so I but up with the discomfort until 2005. I went to a doctor who thought cortisone shots might help. They did in the beginning but then the pain was back. The next thing we tried were injections. After two shots I called it quits as my knees got worse after each shot. I decided I would do home go back to trying to use over counter products like rubs, ice, and aspirin when the pain was intolerable.

I forced myself to live with the pain until 2017 when it was just impossible to stop the knees from hurting. I started calling orthopedic surgeons office to find someone who would do both knees at one time. Dr. O'Brien"s office said yes he sometimes does do both knees but I needed to make an appointment and talk to him. We saw Dr. O'Brien around Oct.23rd. After looking at the x-rays and talking to both my wife and I he said it looked like we had tried everything and because I was in good physical shape other than the knees; he would do the bilateral knee surgery on Nov. 6th. They sent us home with a book explaining everything and told us to do the exercises twice or three times a day and come to a class on the procedure the next week. We did and we learned a lot there, we even found out my wife could stay with me from the time I was admitted until I was released to go home. They also told us how important it was to do the exercises right up to the day of surgery. I spent 3 days, 2 nights in hospital, came home on crutches. I was walking with two canes two weeks later and one cane by the fourth week of my physical therapy.

We did the physical therapy 3 times a week at a facility and the rest of the week at home. I was walking by the end of six weeks on my own. i joined a gym and go everyday. I saw Dr. O'Brien the middle of April and he told me unless I had a problem I didn't need to come back until next year. Dr. O'Brien was really great with my wife during my surgery and my hospital stay. He made sure that she knew to call him if she ever had a question or was worried about something. We tell everyone about how great things went. My husband tells everyone about how six months ago he could barely walk and how he just recently walked six miles without any discomfort at all. THANK YOU DOCTOR O'BRIEN! -The Browns
– William B.
Seventeen years ago, I had an infection in my foot. I had a severe temperature that should have put me in a coma. My regular doctor was out of town and they called Dr. Engblom after admitting me. He came immediately and took me to surgery even though it was late. I was in the hospital for several months and he took care of me each time. I have had 44 surgeries to date because I have Spina Bifida, and know many doctors. There are few that I trust and respect as much as I do Dr. Engblom. Though I had to have an amputation, he did his best to save as much of my foot as he could so that I would still be able to function. Thank you Dr. Engblom!
– Caroline M.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can enjoy doing things I couldn’t do before my last surgery. I’m well on my way with physical therapy and I’m getting around much better. I love Dr Mackay and Jasmine they are the best team around! I will never have a doctor other than Dr Mackay. Thank you all for the caring support your staff provides, all the way down the hall to physical therapy.
– Jennifer P.
Dr. Michael MacKay did a total left hip replacement on me on December 28th, 2016 an he was AWESOME. He explained everything to me and did a great job. Thanks to him I was able to walk normal and relieve a lot of pain. I would and will recommend him to everybody. HE'S THAT GOOD. I haven't always been at ease around a lot of dr.s because I didn't trust or have confidence in them, so it looks like I will be having another hip replacement in April of this year my right hip. Dr. Micheal MacKay will be my surgeon again which its awesome. Cant go wrong with this dr. He's the best. Thank you Dr. MacKay for helping me with my health problems.
– Janet G.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can...continue my recovery at home and with great assurance that the process is progressing well. I am especially impressed with the professional service I received. Questions as to my particular case were reviewed and answered. I could rest in the assurance that I had the best possible advice and treatment available.
– Matthew B.
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can... be as active as I was before! Dr. Benson at OrthoTennessee performed my rotator cuff surgery on Dec 15th. A week and a half later I got my stitches out and ditched the sling then I started physical therapy. I went five times and finished up today. I have to say my surgeon is amazing! I will be 50 this year and I plan to make it great! Dr. Benson is a rock star and I recommend him to everyone!
– Melanie Stanley
Thanks to my care at OTOR, I can now walk freely without pain. I have not had such a comfort level with my knee for just over ten years. I am able to do things that I have not be able to do for over ten years.

As a German and an engineer I am very spoiled to first class outcomes. To be amazed with a service is a difficult thing to accomplish with me because I have a very high standard, when it comes to being provided a service, however, with OTOR I was truly impressed. I was told by my colleagues was that I would be in a large amount of pain, I would have a long recover time and would have to spent a considerable amount of time in therapy. However, I was able to walk freely without any devices or help after 4 days, my pain level was very small, I had only 3 therapy sessions and the repaired joint is almost identical to the healthy joint now. I am very thankful for the first class job done by Dr. MacKay.
– Norbert R.
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